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Tips for Choosing Kitchen Tile Types

The best kitchen tile types are those fit the function and style of the application for which they’re used. Some materials are better suited for countertops while others work well for flooring or walls. When it comes to kitchen tile, the household budget matters too. Fortunately, there are tile materials to suit every application, style and budget.

Meet the Functional Demands of the Application

When choosing kitchen tile types, function comes first. Unless you’re prepared to reseal, rebuff or restore marble tile periodically, for example, marble may not be the choice for your kitchen counters. If you have your heart set on natural stone, denser stones like granite or slate may be a better choice.

Enjoy an Abundance of Stylish Options

Today, even humble laminate tiles offer a wide range of decorative options. Some even mimic the look of stone. For its durability, ease of care and endless range of colors, patterns and textures, ceramic tile remains a popular choice.

Choose a material for your kitchen counters, walls and floors that meets the functional demands of your household. A broad selection of materials ensures that you’ll find a tile that meets your design demands too.

Kitchen tile for floors, walls, and counter tops can give you home a fantastic face lift and DirectBuy has the selection and savings to keep you within your budget.

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